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This year's theme, "Kindness Lifts Us All," is a reflection on what can unit us as a city, nation and world, rather than what divids us. During times of polarization, discover in the message of Jesus, what brings us together as sisters and brothers in our one shared humanity. We invite you to join us at one of our parish family churches and explore the deeper meaning of kindness and what a powerful tool it can be inorder to lifts us all.     

This campaign is funded by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn through a grant from Desales Media  Group and the 8 parishes of the Downtown  Brooklyn Deanery. It is the hope and prayer of the parishioners in these parishes that the campaign, and the resources on this page, may welcome you to participate in and become part of the worshipping faith families listed. We encourage you to check out the parishes in your neighborhood through the links above and explore each parish's own site. May God Bless you.

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If you live in a neighborhood outside of the "downtown" Brooklyn area
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